Friday, 7 October 2011

Ideas for Hurricane Vases

Many people are rather fond of decorating their homes. They try to mix and blend different styles in their homes. It is all about the look and feel of the room in the end; whether you come up with your own ideas or go by the book and use tried and tested ideas to decorate your house is immaterial. If you are one of those people, who like to embellish their houses in beautiful and creative ways, you have landed on the right page!

A hurricane vase is typically a tall glass vase that has a wide mouth, a narrow neck and a large round bottom with a large flat base. A hurricane vase is used by many home decorators and interior designers to beautify different rooms and places. Here are a few creative hurricane vase ideas that you can try to decorate your home with. They are bound to be noticed by family and friends alike!

Out-of-the-Box Hurricane Vase Ideas

Floating Candles
Floating candles in a hurricane vase look really charming. They can create a soft and romantic ambiance without you having to do much than light a candle! An important thing to take care of while making a floating candle hurricane vase is to add just the right amount of water to make the candle float. Also make sure the candle is big enough to last an entire evening, or for as much time as you plan to leave it burning. You can add a few drops of ink to the water and color it. A floating candle hurricane vase would be a great idea for a date at your place. Add some rose petals to the water as well; roses and candle just go so well together.

Fish Jar
This is an unusual idea, but one that can look indeed interesting. If you have always wanted to have an aquarium but have never had the time to really maintain and keep one, a fish bowl will be a good option for you. But why not add a special twist and host your fish in a hurricane vase instead? The best part about such a setting is that the vase is tall and hence needs little space. A hurricane vase fish jar will look good hoisted on a shelf. A small goldfish and a small neon damselfish will look absolutely pretty in a hurricane vase fish jar. Just make sure you don't knock it off accidentally!

Stained Glass Lamp Shade
This will need a bit of drilling and glass cutting, but the result is thoroughly satisfying. You can make a wall-mounted lamp shade using a hurricane vase. Use glass paint to draw an elaborate, multicolored design on the vase, and you have your own stained glass wall-mounted lamp ready. It looks really pretty, especially if you are going to use yellow light bulbs inside the lamp. However, make sure there are not too many of them in a room, or the room may not be sufficiently lit. Just one or two strategically placed lamps will do the trick.

On The Table
A hurricane vase as a centerpiece is also a nice idea. The most common way people use a hurricane vase as a centerpiece is by turning it into a flower vase. It indeed looks nice. However, it is a very common idea, don't you agree? An alternative idea would be to use a slightly short hurricane vase (or simply one that is small) and pour water in it; now add cut flowers to the vase, but not before you completely cut off the stalk of the flower. The flowers float in the vase and look beautiful. If you want, you can add many small flowers, or just a single flower (like an orchid or a Gerbera).

Stones and Pebbles
For those who like collecting stones of different colors, shapes and sizes, this idea will sound rather appealing! You can fill a hurricane vase with beautiful and colorful stones. You may add semi-precious stones if you want to. This could be a good practice with respect to crystal healing. To add a special touch, you may fill the vase with water. The stones will look bigger and brighter in water. Also they will stay clean and will not collect dust. Such a hurricane vase can also be used as a centerpiece for a table. In such a case, you may even add a flower to the vase, and then place a garland of the same flower around the vase on the table.

Water Photo Frame
The subhead may have you wondering, am I right? Well, here is how you can make a water photo frame using a hurricane vase. Fill about 1/3 of the hurricane vase with aquarium sand (preferably multicolored). Now get the picture you want to add to your water photo frame and enclose it in a plastic bag. Wrap it properly so that no water can enter inside. Alternatively, you may get the picture laminated and then trim off the extra plastic on the ends. Insert the picture into the sand so that it is held firmly. Now, gently pour water into the hurricane vase, and voila! Your water photo frame is ready!

The Grand Idea

Combine all the above ideas, and you have a hurricane vase masterpiece! Add stones and aquarium sand to the vase. Pour water into it. Insert a tall candle so that it is held firmly in the sand and stones and rises above the level of water. Add a few flower petals such that they float on the water. Now light the candle, and you have your very own unique hurricane centerpiece!

Hurricane vases can be used in more interesting ways than the ones mentioned. However, I leave those for you to discover on your own. Just experiment with the above ideas, and you may come up with even better ones, who knows?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Smoking in the Morning Most Dangerous

YOU are accustomed to smoke a cigarette immediately after waking in the morning should be careful. Because, you may face an increased risk of lung cancer, head and neck when compared with that of smoking during the hours afterward.

Joshua Muscat of Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, and colleagues examined the risks of smoking cigarettes in the morning. "Smokers in the morning will have a high level of nicotine content and possibly other types of tobacco toxins in the body. They may be more addicted to cigarettes," Muscat said, as quoted by the Times of India, on Monday (8 / 8).

The analysis was performed with data involving 4775 cases of lung cancer, all of which are regular smokers. When compared with those who smoke 60 minutes after waking up, those who smoked 31-60 minutes after waking up 1.31 times more likely to develop lung cancer. Those who smoked within 30 minutes after waking up 1.79 times more likely to develop lung cancer.

Meanwhile, on the analysis of head and neck cancer, 1055 were included, all with a history of smoking. When compared with people who smoke 60 minutes after getting up, people who smoke

Children Vulnerable Generations Multilayar Disease

IF you are an adult living in this hi-tech age, you are probably already familiar with multitasking activities such as receiving an SMS while watching TV.

But there is a new generation that is growing and it will feel completely comfortable with this multitasking lifestyle, who are they? Yes, children. Researchers say most children aged 10-11 years has now been exposed to multilayar ie watch TV while using the iPad, smartphones, laptops, and portable video game.

It may seem as a skill, but beware of the parents because the behavior is believed to increase risk for obesity and mental health problems in children.

In this day and age, it is possible to watch TV via the internet, play computer games on a laptop, or play games on handheld devices and mobile phones while keeping in touch with friends using text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or MSN. All that can be done at the same time!

Thus, the researchers also conducted a study of 63 children aged 10-11 years. They also found that children were enjoying the activities of these multitasking and multilayar.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (3 / 7), Dr Russ Jago from Bristol University, said, "Children in the study had access to at least the five tools in one and most portable gadgets. This means they can easily migrate accordance with their wishes and their privacy. "

"Seeing it all, the researchers took the initiative campaigning for parents to prevent children spend watching TV. This means, we need to work together with families to develop strategies to limit the time spent on the child to always look at the monitor on any instrument, especially inside the house.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Windfall for Massachusetts hospitals is called into question

WASHINGTON (AP) - an obscure provision hidden in the health care law has become a jackpot for Massachusetts hospitals, but officials in other States are annoyed because the money from their hospitals.

That might add Medicare windfall for Massachusetts $275 million a year - you fast, more than $1.4 billion over five years.

"If I can think of a better word than outrageous, I come up with it, would", said Steve Brenton, President of the Association of Wisconsin Hospital.

The message was buried in a Medicare regulation issued Monday and comes at a time when hospitals more cuts under the new federal debt deal face.

Even Medicare says it is anxious to create stationary payment rules of "Spoofing" great rewards for a State to the detriment of the others.

Hospitals in 41 States lose money because of a change. The biggest losers: New York, which is from $ 47.5 million.

Seven countries are making progress, though do not, as well as Massachusetts. A fraction of which received Massachusetts is runner up New Jersey, to $ 54 million.

President Barack Obama health care overhaul should lead to reforms in the Byzantine Medicare payment system. Critics say that this latest twist the big players to game system in a scramble for scarce increasing taxpayer dollars will encourage.

The health care law "it was a new era Herald based on innovations that focuses on the quality improvement and more efficient health care", said Herb Kuhn, President of the Missouri hospital. "What we see is innovation in the area of editing such as the payment system."

"It undermines any notion of fairness and justice in the development of prices," said Laurens Sartoris, President of the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. "There is someone to go through the back door a TV broadcaster is special treatment in which preserved."

No back door maneuver involved, said the head of the Massachusetts Hospital Association, to defend the change.

"We do not have this as a manipulation of the rules is displayed", said Lynn Nicholas. She said that the higher payments helps Massachusetts hospitals amendment a Medicare above one to compensate for few years, the them hundreds of millions of dollars cost.

Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry, Co-sponsor of the provision in the health care law that benefited his State hospitals, was also firm.

"As (Medicare) five years ago the rules changed, won the rest of the country at our expense and Massachusetts took a big hit," Kerry said in a statement. "These new rules are only a few correction."

The American Hospital Association supported the change when debated the law. An official now says that hospitals do not understand what they got with the obscure provision.

The saga of how large Massachusetts reached might the textbook come directly from a lobbyist.

It goes back to a few years and turns and hilariously converts by the Medicare payment rules.

These rules are a factor that is used to adjust payments to hospitals for the difference in labour costs across the country. The adjustments to Medicare overall expenditure not each, result in automatic setting of potential winners and losers.

Top of that another rule says that the cost factor can be work for a hospital in an urban area of the State, less than for rural areas of that State.

Here comes a hospital on Nantucket, an island off the Massachusetts coast popular in leisure, in the image.

It served as a "critical access hospital," for their costs reimbursed by Medicare, the Government set as most hospitals a rich payment system will receive prizes.

Then, according to Kuhn, Nantucket convinced some mainland hospitals even rebooked. Mainland hospitals put it back after the same payment rules than that. What followed was a kind of domino effect.

On the Island labour costs are relatively high, she raised her rural costs in the entire State. In turn led to higher payments for urban hospitals. The island hospital was affiliated with a group of mainland hospitals, it suffered losses due to the transition could take.

The status change within the rules, said hospital Massachusetts Nicholas, the head of the Association. She said that the mainland hospitals subsidized financial loss for the island hospital.

"There was no direct payment from one to another," Nicholas said, adding that "part of a larger system which overall profitable was were, these losses could be included."

Medicare put up roadblocks to the change, and in 2008 it looked like the feds would win. Then, the health overhaul law turned the tables.

Medicare officials declined to comment. But in a different regulation this year, the agency concern with called it "Manipulation" their rules to, up to win 8 percent increase compared to a State at the expense of others.

The new payment rates effective October 1.

Other countries that come are out-ahead - Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut and New Hampshire for a variety of reasons - in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Hospitals in Wyoming break even. And hospitals were long paid Maryland under another system.

Any other State loses.

Warns, the leprosy spread in India

Six years after leprosy officially eliminated in India, explains became officials and doctors warn that spreads the disfiguring disease in poor pockets of the country.

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in India, NATA Menabde, told AFP in an interview that almost one-third of the Indian districts urgent attention needed, to address the spread of new infections.

"There are 209 of 640 the number of new cases exceeds the WHO target of less than 10 new cases per 100,000," she said.

"India is the largest share of the global disease burden of 120 000 new cases per year," she added.

Leprosy, an old disease, which causes lesions on the skin and attacks nerves in the hands and feet, which became a disability, in 2005, according to WHO guidelines on prevalence rates officially eliminated in India explains.

WHO can Governments to explain that leprosy is no longer a public health hazard is reduced the prevalence rate among one case per 10,000 people.

Ten percent of new cases in India are children, said WHO the Menabde.

"The high incidence of children shows that the transfer rate is very high," she said, call it an early warning for the Government.

"it suggests, that can progress against leprosy can also reverse and it grow and India may also lose its position as the disease have eliminated," she said.

Vivek Pai, Director of not-for profit Bombay leprosy project, said that a sense of complacency had crept after 2005 in government policy in the direction of leprosy.

"Changed tracks too soon took their focus and now we are seeing an increase in the cases in certain pockets," he said, citing the case of Maharashtra, India's richest State and home to the national financial center of Mumbai.

"Only a few months back, which Central Leprosy Division found that the number of new cases in Maharashtra from 9-10 per 100,000 2006-07 has now risen 13 per 100,000." It is very worrying is, "he told AFP."

He said that the decline in the funding of public and private donors hurt efforts to combat the disease.

"Don't think agencies who supported us, that it is no longer important." It is a big problem. We do not turn away patients, but we are forced treatment delayed due to funding constraints, "he said."

Pai said that leprosy which most victims come from a low socio-economic background and fear they will be stigmatized by their community when news of her illness is public.

"Many people, with new infections to us come life in busy places such as Dharavi, a huge slum in Mumbai." Hygiene, overcrowding, poverty, all for the environment, which the leprosy thrive contribute ", he said."

"Then there is the stigma around the disease, which is one of the reasons people hesitate to submit and sign, if they have symptoms."

Yohei Sasakawa, who said WHO Goodwill Ambassador for leprosy elimination since 2001, that India had to do more, to the discrimination against leprosy patients handle.

"What we need to do is awareness that it is a medical and social challenge now." There are many invisible customs, those which we must fight, "he told AFP."

"The numerical target was reached in 2005 a great success for India, but it is only a medium-term objective." We do not the battle still won, "he said."

Austria debates abortion in public hospitals

A call for wider access to abortion in Austria seen has tempers flare, rekindling a debate over whether it is a right and whether public should offer the procedure hospitals.

"Pregnancy terminations in each region to be offered," said Health Minister Alois Stöger in an interview with the weekly news, drawing a heated response from several political parties and physician.

Redundancies in Austria offer pregnancy according to Ministry 29 public hospitals and clinics, but these are all concentrated in the East of the country, with no one in the Western provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

And while a handful private practitioners provide the procedure in the West, the costs are inevitably higher than in public hospitals.

"A whole group of people, i.e. women, is not seriously taken if Western Austria this option (abortion) does not exist," said the Social Democrat Stöger news.

"Women have the right to decide whether she have a cancellation or not want," he added, and threatened to withhold any government money, if access has not expanded public hospitals.

"Implementation of abortion is not the role of the public hospitals, and it will stay this way" fumed Vorarlberg Vice-Governor Markus Wallner reaction.

"Abortion is obliged to not state" Karlheinz head of the conservative people's Party, the Social Democrats coalition partner in the Government, during the Austrian Medical Association "alarming" link added to access abortion with the allocation of State resources as.

For many critics in the most Catholic country is also the basic legality pregnancy abort in case of doubt.

A 1975 law indicates only that abortion is "not subject to sanctions", if carried out within the first three months of pregnancy or in the case of a serious health concerns for the mother or child.

The text is known as the "grace period solution" (abortion) rather than the "abortion law."

The far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) was the law "only says that the killing of unborn life is free from sanctions, but it remains illegal."

"There is no such thing as a right to abortion," FPOe Deputy, the Dagmar Belakowitsch Jenewein in response to the Stoeger would added proposal while the President of the Medical Association warned it "ethically questionable to force doctors to perform abortions against their will."

The people's Party and little surprisingly is the Catholic Church called for further measures to promote family life, and promote women to keep their child.

Proposals have been the Stoeger but on the other side of the political spectrum from his fellow Social Democrats, green opposition and the media, who warned welcomes the risks of looking for an abortion from illegal practitioners.

The Social Democrat said "Women have a right to self-determination over their body and should not be hampered by inadequate medical facilities," Minister for women's Affairs, Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek.

Although no official statistics exist, it is estimated that some 30,000 abortions each year occur in Austria.

An abortion can cost between 300 and 800 euros ($ 425-1,130) and in contrast to some other European countries everywhere, not covered by health insurance.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Medicare prescription will increase premiums in the year 2012.

WASHINGTON (AP) - the Obama management had good news for seniors Thursday: the average monthly premium for the Medicare is not popular prescription program by next year.

Many seniors can see even a jump in their costs, in particular, if they Open registration season autumn shop around.

Officials credited increased use of generic drugs and competition within the program, which is delivered by private insurance. Medicare expected also in a coming bonanza to share, such as a number of top-selling brand name drugs generic competition next year or so.

The projects of health and Human Services Department the average premium for 2012 about $30 per month, from $30.76 this year are hardly changed.

Because the 2012 estimate is average, it is not premiums for each. Some seniors can increase you find below. But they are options. Bargains of lots of should be open registration available in the season.

Officials also said that 900,000 Medicare recipients with high drug costs is a discount of 50% on brand name drugs in this year a benefit of President Barack Obama health care righthave received. This number will grow to keep as more people into the coverage gap known as the doughnut hole fall throughout the year. Health law includes to and after the gap.

Medicare covers some 47 million seniors and people with disabilities. Overall 9 out of 10 recipients have a kind of prescription drug plan. Some still benefits through their former employers. But more than half the recipe program, also known as part D.

Published a new study by the journal of the American Medical Association found prescription set off some of its costs for the taxpayer savings for the Government, as well as seniors of the program.

It estimated that of the drug Medicare use on average $1200 per year for each senior stored, which had no cover or insufficient services, before the program was launched in 2006 in the life. Most of these came from reduced hospital and nursing home costs, provisions helped to keep people healthier.

That translates into an average annual savings of $12 billion, the study said that about 20 percent of the 55 billion dollar, spend taxpayers for the program balance.

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